Don't Put Your Home on the Market Until You Do The

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Don't Put Your Home on the Market Until You Do These Things


Very few people — if any — want to keep their home on the market for a long period of time, so there are various factors that can help you move things along, including selling during the right period. While it’s not always possible, take note that the first half of May has been proven to sell a home approximately two weeks faster than other times of the year. However, no home is going to sell at lightning speed if you don’t take the proper measures to prep it first. Along with making your property more appealing to potential buyers, executing the right home projects can help you maximize your home sale price — who wouldn’t want that? Here are a few small things you can do that will have a major impact on your selling experience.


Paint the Interior

Robbyn Allen, a real estate agent for Century21 Scenic Realty, suggests that painting the interior of your home is not only worth the cost but it may help to boost your home’s sale price. Dated and/or dingy colors and copious scuff marks are a surefire buyer turnoff, so make an effort to repaint the walls in any room that needs a bit of life. When choosing paint colors, consider those that are appealing to home shoppers. Gone are the days when white was considered king. The buyer of today wants something with a bit more emotion without being overly taste-specific. Instead, opt for beige or various shades of blue (more on the muted, soft side) are also appealing. Gray is growing in popularity, but make sure you have a modern home (to include furnishings) to match or it can feel out of place. When it comes to removing scuff marks, Mix a solution of one-third cup of borax, one teaspoon of ammonia, and one teaspoon of liquid dish soap in one gallon of warm water. Dip a lightly abrasive sponge with a scrubbing quality into the mixture and treat each area until you can no longer see the mark. Rinse away any remaining residue from the cleaner and pat dry with a soft towel. Let the walls dry overnight before priming and painting.


Declutter and Deep Clean

Allen can’t recommend decluttering enough to her clients. While homeowners dread the thought of decluttering, consider this: purging can make your moving process easier (why pack things you don’t need?) and you’ll increase the value of your home to boot. Start by packing away personal items such as family photos — depersonalizing is key to any successful open house. Next, clear off tabletop and shelving decor (you can edit these places nicely, however) and consider whether you have a good flow for traffic. If not, remove some pieces of furniture so that you create the illusion of more space. Don’t forget to address all of the superfluous items in closets, drawers, and cabinets, as it’s not uncommon for potential buyers to take a peek.


When it comes to deep cleaning, your best bet is to hire a pro so you can feel confident that every nook-and-cranny was addressed. Just make sure you specify you want a deep clean — not a general one — so that shower doors are given extra attention, the grout between tiles is cleaned, individual decor is cleaned, baseboards and blinds are addressed, etc. Don’t forget about those pesky odors either, Allen notes that bad odors is one of the major turn offs for buyers, especially when it comes to pet odor and smoke. Speak to the company before cleaning day to ensure that you’re both on the same page.


Add Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal can be as simple as mowing your lawn, trimming the bushes, and Allen suggests planting flowers based on the season in attractive planters to bring attention to your home. Make updates based on your realtor’s recommendation and don’t over complicate things.


Before you begin any improvements you should get a ballpark figure of what your home is worth. It’s as easy as using an online estimate tool, so don’t skip this step. Once you have this figure, you can create a home improvement budget in order to maximize your return on investment.


Selling your home as quickly as possible is important, as it’s never good when a property languishes on the market. By following the tips above, you can help attract buyers who are ready and willing to sign on the dotted line.

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